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Premium cotton-milk yarn - the best material for Amigurumi and crochet projects. Makes yarn creations clearer and more defined for years. Strong, super-soft, durable and shiny fiber that's easier to work with and lasts longer.
12 yarn balls, 7x25gr (0.875) each and 5x50gr (1.75) each - the optimal size with enough material to create a broad range of craft projects. 
The perfect Amigurumi and crochet kit for beginners and experienced hobbyists alike. Handpicked materials, 1275 yard of rainbow colors 2 hooks yarn needles for sewing marking clips and safety eyes to get you crafting great creations in a snap, packaged in a slick reusable transparent bag.
free exclusive Amigurumi and crochet patterns with detailed step-by-step visual instructions for creating easy-to-customize DIY crochet projects, including dolls, coasters, and mini creations.

Available for purchase at the above Amazon link.

12 Soft Cotton Yarn Skeins 5x50g and 7x25g, 1100+ yards

  • Lovlim yarn kit, 1275 yard 5x50g, 7x25g

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